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Daily Delivery / Stat delivery

CareOne provides multiple daily deliveries of your accurately filled medications. Stat deliveries will be made within 4 hours. To accommodate first dose or emergency medication needs we provide EDK boxes. CareOne does have a delivery tracking application available for your convenience. We recognize the importance and the need for special handling of your new admissions and new orders. These orders will be reviewed and delivered 24 hours a day.

CareOne is redefining industry standards.

Customer Service/Resident Care

Each facility will be assigned a CareOne field service representative to be their contact for communication. They will work directly with the staff in your facility.

We are aware that a change in pharmacy not only affects the nurses but it also impacts the billing department and the families. CareOne Pharmacy has internal staff members who will answer their questions and address any concerns.

Our consultant pharmacists will also be available to them. Internally, we are a team and we partner with our customers.

Educational Training for Healthcare Providers

We offer webinars, educational dinner programs, as well as in-service education & industry updates for the nurses and the administrators. Our staff can also provide MAR to Cart Reviews, Med Pass Observation, and even Pre-Survey preparation.

Formulary Management

CareOne Pharmacy Services places a strong focus on reducing your facility's drug utilization. We offer clinical management programs that help you improve your residents' clinical outcomes, so you can care for higher-acuity residents more effectively, at a lower cost. As your LTC pharmacy we aim to provide high-quality clinical outcomes, cost effective medication therapy programs and to improve resident care.

CareOne Transition Program

CareOne Pharmacy offers onsite support during the facility's transition towards becoming a CareOne team partner. Our program will utilize our extensive experience to ensure a seamless transition. We have an established and tested check list of responsibilities and a timeline for both the facility and the pharmacy.

Specialized Packaging & Dispensing Systems

Our specialized packaging system enhances accuracy which means fewer errors and enhances accountability which translates to less drug diversion. CareOne provides automated dispensing systems for the facilities that have a higher acuity need.

Consultant Pharmacist Services

Medication Review

Medication Room Audit

Medication Storage

Appropriate Drug Therapy

Medication Administration Observation Reviews

QA Review

MAR to Cart Audits

Compliance and Education

Transcription issues

Charting Omissions

Nursing Support Services

Education and Compliance with State & Federal Guidelines

Support with State Survey preparation

Mock and Pre-Surveys

Med Pass Observations

Cart Audits

Medication Room Inspections

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